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Thursday, 26 May 2011 22:59



  will be held at Huis der Nederlanden, Central Square, Pinelands, at 14:00 for 14:30 on Saturday, 26 June 2010.

Please bring your flowering plants for display on the plant table

Speaker for June Meeting:

We are privileged to have Dr John Manning to speak on the Bulbs of Armenia from his recent trip. This is a rare opportunity to have a glimpse of the flora of a country in the Northern Hemisphere with a very different climate, topography and history, with possible links to our own bulbs not to be missed!

Report on the talk at the May Meeting:

Lynda Muller gave a very professional and illuminating talk on wetlands, highlighting their role and importance in ecosystems and hence biodiversity. It is now perceived that wetlands are necessary to manage our water resources, their root systems holding the soil together and plants helping to slow high-velocity water. For a summary of Lynda's talk, see Bulb Chat.

A Reminder of the Symposium planned for August 2011

A very diverse and stimulating programme is being put together, and every effort to attend both the symposium and the excursions to locations of spring-flowering bulbs is to be encouraged. We would appreciate any offers of sponsorship and donations of books, gifts, bags, etc.

Chelsea Flower Show, May 2010

Bot Soc SA still managed to mount their exhibit at the last minute, with the theme of biodiversity at family, genus and species level under the symbolic icosohedron of DNA, despite their plant material being detained by Customs at Heathrow for a week, unrefrigerated, and then unuseable. A silver medal was awarded, in spite of substitutions! See John van der Linde's article in Bulb Chat on the Plant of the Year.

More Information on the Red List of South African Plants:

The status of the entire flora of SA, 20 456 species, was assessed In one of the largest collaborative conservation projects. 13% of species are threatened and in danger of extinction, compared with 6% and 3% in Australia and Brazil respectively, and another 13% critical, probably extinct, a much higher proportion than in other large countries. 40% are now extinct and 25% need conserving.

Further to the description in the May Bulb Chat of the McMasters' January trip in the Eastern Cape, read Cameron's account of the discovery of Disa lugens in the Eastern Cape, in Veld and Flora, Sept 2007.

Plant Table for May 2010

The table was presided over by Cameron McMaster, and Allan Hil awarded the cups

*Hennie Delport*

Gladiolus priorii

Gladiolus recurvus

Babiana minuta

Syringodea longituba

*Denise Moody*

Eriospermum paradoxum

Lachenalia bulbifera

*Helen Schippers*

2 species of Oxalis

Gladiolus maculatus

*Cameron McMaster*

Nerine undulata

Lachenalia rubida

Lachenalia bulbifera

Massonia jasminiflora

Strumaria tennella

Streptocarpus kentaniensis

Pelargonium caffrum

Hennie Delport was awarded cups for G recurvus and G priorii, and the John Manning/ Andries de Villiers cup for Syringodea longituba.

Well done, Hennie!

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