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Thursday, 26 May 2011 22:55


THE NEXT MONTH-END MEETING: will be held at Huis der Nederlanden, Central Square, Pinelands, at 14:00 for 14:30 on Saturday, 29 May 2010.

Do bring your flowering plants for the Plant Table discussion

Our speaker for this month will be Lynda Muller on the topic:

Wetlands, their importance and sensitivity.

Lynda Muller, a horticulturist with more than 25 years of wide-ranging experience and the sole member of Muller Environmental CC, is an independent consultant offering Environmental Management services. In that capacity she provides the skills of a highly experienced field worker and environmental manager for construction sites, on-site investigations and the management of environmental rehabilitation projects. Wetlands are home to many geophytes, so come and listen to this important topic.

Report on April meeting:

Ines Krüger gave a talk on Brassia, the spider orchid and outlined the optimal conditions for cultivation. This was followed by two presentations featuring terrestrial orchids. Cameron McMaster illustrated the report in Bulb Chat with orchids in the Southern Drakensberg in January, in which a wide variety of these beautiful orchids was seen, including a few Red Data spp. Disa spp included cooperi, oreophylla, cornuta, stachyoides, crassicornis on Aurora Peak. The latter grows to one metre in height below Aurora Peak but is only 20cm high growing on a rock ledge on Gaika's Kop near Hogsback, to name a few. Eulophia, Brownlea, Disperis,Corycium, almost every family was seen, in their extensive range, which extends for some through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi to Central Africa. Some of the same species are found in the Drakensberg range in Natal, as shown by Jenny Scarr's photos of the many they had documented, in a range of habitats and heights. A few examples were Eulophia clavicornis (W Cape to Mpumalanga), parviflora and a limegreen sp., Pterygodium statum, Satyrium stalacheae (at Hymeville), macrophyllum, longicornis, cussata and parviflorus, also found on Hogsback to McClear growing on rock ledges.

Red Data Book of South Africa by Domitilla Raimondo et al has just been published in a limited edition of only 1000 copies by SANBI, the South African National Biodiversity Institute. This is an important resource, with input drawn from

many sources including the public. The full text can be accessed on the SANBI website and copies are available from Silverhill Seeds and Books.


Do go into the website to view Cameron's photos in the photo gallery, in particular orchids shown in the April talk - see May Bulb Chat.

Cameron will kindly bring pots and labels for sale to the meeting on Saturday for those interested.

Plants exhibited at the April Meeting

Cameron McMaster presided, and Jim Holmes awarded the cups

*Margaret Fox:*

Nerine sarniensis

*Allan Hill*

Oxalis hirta - 2 pots- different locality forms

Hessia sp

*Hennie Delport:*

Glad brevifolius

Lachenalia rubida

Gethylis linearis

Gethylis villosa

*Cameron MacMaster:*

Spiloxene alba

Nerine sarniensis

Hessia stellaris

Polyxena sp

Also Stapeliads:

Quaqua acutiloba

Duvalia caespitosa

Piaranthus punctatus

Huernia thuretti

*Denise Moody:*

Polyxena sp

Nerine sp

Stapelia sp

Orbeopsis sp

*Erika Watson:*

Haemanthus albifloss

Oxalis triangularis

Oxalis sp

Bulbinella sp

Nerine humilis

Nerine filifolia

Nerine Maoniorum

Ruth Prescott:

Nerine bowdeni

Jim Holmes:

Bonatea speciosa


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