Newsletter April 2010


April 2010 THE NEXT MONTH-END MEETING: will be held at Huis der Nederlanden, Central Square, Pinelands, at 14:00 for 14:30 on Saturday, 24 April 2010.

Please bring your flowering plants for display on the plant table Topic for the April Meeting: Orchids will feature this month, with talks by Ines Kruger on Brassia (spider orchids), Jenny Scarr on “Terrestrial Orchids of the Drakensberg” and Cameron MacMaster, who will present some of the rich terrestrial Orchidaceae flora of the Eastern Cape.

Report on March Meeting:

As seed -planting time approaches and the weather promises cooler temperatures, Alan Horstmann gave a summary of the pertinent issues around growing bulbs / corms from seed, and various members contributed their own experience to the discussion. Our indigenous bulbs have masterly adaptive strategies, even growing in Northern Hemisphere climes with cold winters, but the fundamental requirement of growing bulbs in pots is good drainage. For a more detailed account, see the Bulb Chat.

Symposium in 2011

Planning is well under way for the forthcoming Symposium, to be held from 28 August to 3 September 2011. The venue will be the new Conference Centre at Goudini Spa near Worcester, with excellent conference facilities and accommodation. The spectacular views across the beautiful Worcester valley between the Hottentots Holland and Waboomberg mountain ranges and proximity to many preserved areas of spring-flowering bulbs will ensure a very interesting stay. The Karoo Botanical Garden in Worcester, and the Fernkloof Nature Reserve and Harold Porter Botanical Garden of Hermanus and Betty’s Bay respectively along the East Coast are also within easy reach, and further to the renosterveld areas of the fascinating Overberg region, rich in geophytes. Whale- watching in Walker Bay in Hermanus is the best in the world! The committee is recruiting a variety of speakers and this is set to be a very informative and stimulating Symposium. Plan now, and inform us of your intention to attend. We are also interested in knowing whether you would be prepared to give a talk.


Our website is now updated, and you will be able to view the pictures of the current Bulb Chat articles. Do visit it, and we would appreciate any comments/ feedback you may have.

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